Where’s Spot (Kids Clothes Week: Oct 2014)

Wheres Spot Blog01

When you work as a teacher in the primary system and you build your own classroom library, you tend to have a lot of picture books. Which can make it hard when people want to buy books as gifts. When people asked what to get for Squirm for his first Christmas, I started thinking about classics we didn’t yet own – one was my little sister’s favourite series – Where’s Spot by Eric Hill. As Squirm’s grown older, he’s fallen completely in love with his Spot books and it seemed like an excelled Kids Clothes Week choice.

The plan for this outfit started with the shorts. I wanted to include the lift-the-flap feature which the Spot books are so well known for. The obvious place for these was the pockets and I decided to make them so they lifted up completely with text underneath. I used stash fabric for the shorts and fabric from an old pair of shorts of mine for the pockets.

Wheres Spot Blog02

I used the Clean Slate shorts from Blank Slate patterns – the version with no front pocket or fly – and drew pieces to create the back and front of the pocket. Each piece had 2 pieces of fabric (4 altogether since there were 2 pockets) and then the top of the pocket was top stitched to the bottom. They were then basted to the top and sides of the shorts so they would be held by seams when it was sewn together.

Wheres Spot BTS 05 Wheres Spot BTS 06 Wheres Spot BTS 10

Under the pockets I cut out 2 ‘speech bubbles’ done in ‘Spot style’ and stamped ‘Where’s Spot’ on one side and ‘I’m hiding’ (one of Squirm’s favourite sayings on the other. I sewed these on, first with a straight stitch, then a very short zig zag. Then I just sewed the rest of the shorts together as normal. I’ve become a real fan of these shorts – there’s a lot you can do with the variations offered and they’re really easy to make up.

Wheres Spot BTS 07 Wheres Spot BTS 08 Wheres Spot BTS 09 Wheres Spot BTS 11 Wheres Spot BTS 12

For the shirt, I used the Blank Slate ‘Just a Jersey’ pattern. First, though, I created the end of Spot’s tail to tuck into the yoke of the shirt. I used a scrap of stretch corduroy for the tail, topped with some more fabric from my old shorts. This was backed with the same fabric as the yoke, so it didn’t end up too thick. Then I sewed the neckband onto the yoke and arranged the tail, sewing it on before I added the front and back of the shirt.

Wheres Spot BTS 01 Wheres Spot BTS 02 Wheres Spot BTS 03 Wheres Spot BTS 04

Squirm absolutely loved this outfit. He loves finding Spot’s tail, loves holding up the pockets and was 100% happy to pose for photos. Again, I think I’ve created shorts that will go with a lot of other clothes, but they have a lovely little twist you don’t find in RTW. I’m really looking forward to making more clothes like this even if it’s not Kids Clothes Week.

Wheres Spot Blog03Wheres Spot Blog04 Wheres Spot Blog06 Wheres Spot Blog07 Wheres Spot Blog08 Wheres Spot Blog09 Wheres Spot Blog10 Wheres Spot Blog11 Wheres Spot Blog12 Wheres Spot Blog13

Sadly, I won’t finish the last piece I started for KCW before we head away on holidays. It’s partly finished, but needs a neckband and arm bands before it’s complete. I really like it, though, so I’ll make sure to share it when it is complete.


Rules of Summer (Kids Clothes Week: Oct 2014)

Rules of Summer Blog01 Rules of Summer Blog02

The theme for Kids Clothes Week this season is Storybook, and it’s one I’m embracing whole-heartedly!

Each Christmas we have a tradition of Squirm receiving a book from us, but my husband is the one who chooses it. Last year he chose the (now award winning) Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan – one of our very favourite authors. This is a richly-illustrated, look at relationships between siblings and free time and story telling and I highly recommend it. It’s also one of Squirm’s favourite books.

So, it quickly became an obvious choice for this Kids Clothes Week

Rules of Summer Blog05

The actual outfit was pretty basic – shorts made from the Clean Slate pattern and a t-shirt from the Tee Times Three pattern, both from Blank Slate Patterns. However my original idea for the t-shirt changed when I started putting together this pile of fabric

Rules of Summer BTS 02Rules of Summer Blog04

Using red and orange fabric from my stash and orange and red-pink fabric from old clothes of mine, I decided to colour block the front, back and sleeves of the shirt in rough strips. I traced the pattern, drew in cutting lines, then traced it again to include seam allowances. I was absolutely sure I’d made mistakes doing that, but in fact it all came together really nicely. Some of the strips I joined ‘back to front’ so that I’d have the dark overlocking stitches as features. They were then sewn down, extra strips of fabric were added and rows of stitching were included.

Rules of Summer BTS 03 Rules of Summer BTS 04 Rules of Summer BTS 05 Rules of Summer BTS 06 Rules of Summer BTS 07 Rules of Summer BTS 08 Rules of Summer BTS 09 Rules of Summer BTS 10

Once I had the pieces all together, it was a pretty simple job of making the shirt. I did sew one sleeve on ‘back to front’ to get the same overlocking feature. All was going incredibly well until I broke my first overlocker needle which meant the neck wasn’t quite as neat as I’d hoped, but it still came together nicely.

Rules of Summer BTS 11 Rules of Summer BTS 12 Rules of Summer BTS 13 Rules of Summer Blog07 Rules of Summer Blog08 Rules of Summer KCW Site 2 Rules of Summer KCW Site 3

With such a busy shirt, I wanted more subdued pants. I also wanted some shorts which would go with a lot of Squirm’s wardrobe – I’ve felt like we’ve been going a little too ‘novelty’ with some of his shorts these days. I started with this picture:

Rules of Summer Blog03

I wanted to use the quite subdued colours with the splashes of red. I decided plain shorts, but with red and orange ‘ears’ poking out of one of the pockets. Then on one leg I wanted to include the clothesline and the red sock – which of course started it all . . .

The main issue with the shorts was the fabric. It was scratchy and frayed, so I underlined it with a cotton print. It worked okay, but I would have chosen something with more quality if I’d been buying fabric for this project instead of clearing out my stash.

Rules of Summer BTS 14 Rules of Summer BTS 15 Rules of Summer BTS 16 Rules of Summer BTS 17


I really love these shorts and the little touches which connect them to the book without being in your face.

Rules of Summer KCW Site 1 Rules of Summer Blog09

Finally, Squirm is old enough for me to get some really good photos. He wanted to walk to the local playground this afternoon, so I dressed him in his new outfit, took advantage of the overcast sky and realised just how much Shaun Tan inspiration you can find in your local suburb. (Warning – the next bit gets really picture heavy – I was overwhelmed with the toddler who’ll let me take photos and the inspiration of Shaun Tan)

Rules of Summer Blog10Rules of Summer Blog11 Rules of Summer Blog13 Rules of Summer Blog14 Rules of Summer Blog15Rules of Summer KCW Site 4Rules of Summer KCW Site 6Rules of Summer KCW Site 7Rules of Summer Blog16Rules of Summer Blog17Rules of Summer Blog18Rules of Summer KCW Site 8Rules of Summer Blog19Rules of Summer Blog20

I had an absolute ball making this outfit – I was almost sad when I was done. Shaun Tan writes and illustrates such beautiful books – it was so much fun to be inspired by that.

kid's clothes week

How my week looked: October 19

Sewing Week October 19th 03Sewing Week October 19th 05 Sewing Week October 19th 04

My week started with a toddler-free trip to Spotlight. My husband was home on Monday (he does FIFO work at the moment) and stayed at home with the toddler so I would have the freedom to hunt down patterns. When I got there I discovered that all the patterns – including Vogue – were on sale for $5 each. And once I used my Spotlight card that came down to $4.50 each. So I splurged a little, got some new shorts to play with, some hat patterns, jeans, blouse and a shirt dress. Lots of fun in store. Plus there were some lovely fabrics in the clearance section which I just had to bring home with me . . .

Sewing Week October 19th 01 Sewing Week October 19th 06 Sewing Week October 19th 07 Sewing Week October 19th 08

My Kids Clothes Week (starting tomorrow!) will be cut a bit short this week because we’re heading away at the end of the week. So I’m only really preparing two outfits and anything else will be a bonus. Going with the Storyteller theme I’ve planned one outfit around Where’s Spot and another around The Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan. The latter involved every scrap of red or orange knit fabric I had and my son absolutely fell in love with that pile. (If you haven’t read Shaun Tan’s books yet, I recommend getting right onto that!)

Sewing Week October 19th 10

My fabric from the Remnant Warehouse sale arrived. It was pretty, especially the pink and green jersey.

Sewing Week October 19th 09 Sewing Week October 19th 11 Sewing Week October 19th 12 Sewing Week October 19th 13 Sewing Week October 19th 15

My sewing plans for the week changed slightly when we were invited to the birthday for a 3 year old girl. I had dreams of making a pretty dress, but I don’t know the girl very well and had to guess her size. Because of that, I decided a knit pattern would be best especially a pair of nice pyjamas and a bag to put them in. The present was very well received and should fit *phew*!

Sewing Week October 19th 14

One final piece of sewing – I finally hemmed my second pair of wearable Thurlow shorts when I realised all my shorts were in the wash. They fit really well, but sadly the fabric pilled where it rubbed together which was deeply annoying. Guess I’ll just have to make more of them . . .

Finally, here’s my lovely Squirm wearing his mum-made-outfit at the party today. It was held at a lovely boat themed park on the Brisbane River and he was terribly excited about all the boats – play and real.

Sewing Week October 19th 16

Have a great week – I’m not sure if I’ll post photos next week or the week after, I’ll see closer to the time. In the meantime, there should be some Kids Clothes Week posts

How My Week Looked: October 5th

I want to try and share more of my sewing life on the blog. Too often I don’t blog things I make because I haven’t got photos all done nicely. Or I do photos and it’s been so long since I actually made the item, I forget all the making details. So, I thought I might just share some photos each week, some of items, some of sewing. A bit of a glimpse into sewing and my life, I suppose 🙂

Sewing Week October 5th01 Sewing Week October 5th02

I got the waistband onto my Thurlow shorts and got to tent them out properly . . .

Sewing Week October 5th03

. . . before getting into ‘scary-buttonhole’ territory – which really isn’t that scary . . .

Sewing Week October 5th04 Sewing Week October 5th05

. . . and I had a pair of finished, wearable shorts (blogged here) which I could wear in the big scary public.

Sewing Week October 5th06

And I celebrated by taking my son to a usually busy playground. Which was empty. During school holidays. It was strange. (He enjoyed climbing though)

Sewing Week October 5th07 Sewing Week October 5th09

I played with lengthening and (unsuccessfully) curving the Scout Tee pattern and making it from a rather ‘meh’ feeling Spotlight knit. It works, but I’m not thrilled. I’ll see how I feel after a couple of wears and washes.

Sewing Week October 5th08

I did learn an important lesson about checking the tension dial after a toddler’s been near your sewing machine, though . . . (unpick, unpick)

Sewing Week October 5th10

I prewashed some fabric and took advantage of gorgeous weather to hang it

Sewing Week October 5th11

There was an ongoing discussion about who needed the tape measure more. Apparently it makes a wonderful dance prop

Sewing Week October 5th12 Sewing Week October 5th13

I organised my patterns finally and cleared all the fabric off the couch in the living room

Sewing Week October 5th15 Sewing Week October 5th14

And finished up with a little toddler shorts sewing. Fabric chosen by a 2 year old.

So that was my week. Completely normal, but with a real highlight in finishing the shorts and a feeling of ‘phew’ with organising the patterns.

Wearable Thurlow Shorts

So my biggest goal of the Fall/Spring Essentials Sew-along was to get a pair (or a few) of wearable shorts. I thought it was going to be a long and complicated process. Turns out, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would and it wasn’t really as complicated as I thought it would be. It was an awful lot more emotional than I thought it would be though!

So, I started with a straight out of the packet Thurlow Shorts pattern to get an idea of where I’d need to make alterations. These were the very first pair of pants I’d made for myself, so I had no idea what kind of alterations would be needed. Then I played with a flat lower belly adjustment, a full butt adjustment and some low butt tweaking and ended up with a muslin that made me cry.

Then it was onto the real thing. I used a fabric which I think I picked up at East Coast Fabrics. It might be a suiting fabric? (I’d definitely still learning my fabric types). It feels divine, anyway and is a really good weight for shorts.

As well as the shape alterations, I lengthened the legs (I’m not a fan of short shorts on me – I definitely prefer them to head towards the knees) and tried to make them less flared at the bottom. I also changed things slightly in making them, adding the belt loops at the same time as the waistband which looks so much neater.

And here they are . . . (And apologies – the photos seem much darker than when I took them. Just squint a little, tilt your head to the side and it will look like the seal of the President . . . oops, bad West Wing joke)

Wear Out Thurlow Shorts2

Wear Out Thurlow Shorts3

(Obviously the photos I take are not as good as the lovely photos my husband or father in law take . . . )

They’re not perfect. I’m still trying to find a finishing technique which makes me happy. I bound some of these seams, but that’s not practical for the whole construction. I’m thinking I might just use the overlocker to get a consistent finish. I think I need to make them longer again – I’d like a longer hem – and I still need to work a bit to get the shape I want at the bottom of the shorts. I also had a few strange wrinkles in the fly, which was obviously a sewing issue, but I couldn’t figure out where the issue was!

Fitting wise, they need to be tighter at the waist. I think I’ve taken them in all I can at the back centre seam, though – any more and I’ll get a funny shape around the welt pockets. I think there’s 2 options I can take – making the darts a bit wider at the top or taking the seams at the side in a little more. Either way, I think I’ll need to drop the bottom of the zip down a little so I can get the shorts over my backside.

Wear Out Thurlow Shorts1

The fit over my backside was really good, but I could possible curve the back crotch seam down a little more, just to reduce some pooling. I could also make some alterations to the front since there’s still some wrinkles there – however, I’m a little cautious about over fitting the shorts and having no ease for sitting. I think I’ll get the waistband right first, then reevaluate.

Wear Out Thurlow Shorts4

I have washed these pants (they’re currently on the line) and they seem to have held up to my ‘chuck it in the machine’ washing techniques well. I’m really, really excited about making more – living where I live, shorts are practical about 8-9 months of the year and necessary for around 6 months, so having a collection of well made and well fitting shorts will make my life so much easier.

I know a lot of people are nervous about making shorts or pants – I definitely was concerned about how much time the fitting would take me. The truth, however, is that I could try on every pair of shorts at my local shopping centre and not find a pair that fits like these. They look really strange off my body – no one would ever be able to sell them as ready to wear. But when I put them on, they fit and they’re flattering and they make me happy – worth the time to achieve that. In the end I made 2 1/2 pairs of shorts to get a wearable pair – 1 unfitted, 1 muslin, 1 final product. In terms of making, the first ones took the longest – I had to get my head around the instructions. The fitting took a long time in terms of tracing and adjusting, but the muslin took no time at all to sew up. The final product was really quite quick to sew – I knew what I was doing much more than before and I didn’t have to fret over things so much. And subsequent pairs of shorts will just get quicker. (Plus I can transfer my shorts fitting to pants fitting next winter – score!) It’s hard to guess how much time it took me altogether – I grab sewing time around nap time and evenings when my husband works away – but definitely not as long as I thought it would take. I highly recommend trying to make your own pair and I recommend the Thurlows as a starting place if you’re a pear/hourglass shape. Hopefully you have an experience as happy as mine.