How My Week Looked: October 12

It’s been a funny week. I finished a couple of things, but nothing I really feel is worth blogging (though, maybe I should talk about the Belcarra Blouse . . . I like it, but I have thoughts)

Sewing Week Oct 1201 Sewing Week Oct 1202 Sewing Week Oct 1203

I finished up two pairs of (fruit-themed) shorts for Squirm. Fruit themed shorts is definitely what happens when you let your toddler choose the fabric. These are Kids Shorts (with a cloth nappy alteration) from Dana Made and I could probably sew them together in my sleep. I use french seams on all the inside seams for comfort and contrasting fabric inside the pockets.

Sewing Week Oct 1204 Sewing Week Oct 1211

I finally finished up my second Belcarra blouse. This is pretty much a wearable muslin and it’s a bit tight at the side. I just used pre-made biased binding for the neck and then added a couple of buttons near the neck for interest.

Sewing Week Oct 1205 Sewing Week Oct 1206 Sewing Week Oct 1207

Then it was on to making another pair of Thurlow shorts with a few alterations – I still wanted the leg to be longer and a bit thinner and I widened the darts a little. I used a blue drill from my stash and used some patchwork cotton (which I’d bought to make shorts for Squirm) as the lining. (BTW, you can get the lining out of 1/2m of fabric if you cut creatively). I always struggle making darts and pockets with chalk, so I gave tailor’s tacks a go (using the Sewtionary) while watching Gilmore Girls (it’s my first time watching it – avoiding spoilers is hard). The tailor’s tacks worked really well, though I might use a few more loops on the ends of things. I also changed my overlocker thread for the seam finishes.

Sewing Week Oct 1208 Sewing Week Oct 1209 Sewing Week Oct 1210

Some parts of the making went really well, but others left me a little more ‘meh’ – my standards keep getting higher 🙂 I need to go back to my original pattern and play with a few things where I think I’ve become inaccurate with my tracing and altering. I love the pockets though.

Sewing Week Oct 1212

An almost final shot with just hemming to go. The waistband feels much more secure, but I need to play with the legs more – there’s more fabric on the inner legs than I like. I probably need to do some more adjustments in the front as well. The back looks great, but I had a shocker of a time trying to get a bum selfie 🙂

Sewing Week Oct 1213 Sewing Week Oct 1214 Sewing Week Oct 1215

My husband was home from working away at the end of this week, so we went for an adventure into Brisbane City – coffee, play at the Botanic Gardens, raid two bookshops (Folio Books has some GORGEOUS fashion and design books) and massive burgers for lunch. Then yesterday we celebrated his birthday with family and a lopsided very chocolatey cake – nice way to end the week!


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