How My Week Looked: October 5th

I want to try and share more of my sewing life on the blog. Too often I don’t blog things I make because I haven’t got photos all done nicely. Or I do photos and it’s been so long since I actually made the item, I forget all the making details. So, I thought I might just share some photos each week, some of items, some of sewing. A bit of a glimpse into sewing and my life, I suppose 🙂

Sewing Week October 5th01 Sewing Week October 5th02

I got the waistband onto my Thurlow shorts and got to tent them out properly . . .

Sewing Week October 5th03

. . . before getting into ‘scary-buttonhole’ territory – which really isn’t that scary . . .

Sewing Week October 5th04 Sewing Week October 5th05

. . . and I had a pair of finished, wearable shorts (blogged here) which I could wear in the big scary public.

Sewing Week October 5th06

And I celebrated by taking my son to a usually busy playground. Which was empty. During school holidays. It was strange. (He enjoyed climbing though)

Sewing Week October 5th07 Sewing Week October 5th09

I played with lengthening and (unsuccessfully) curving the Scout Tee pattern and making it from a rather ‘meh’ feeling Spotlight knit. It works, but I’m not thrilled. I’ll see how I feel after a couple of wears and washes.

Sewing Week October 5th08

I did learn an important lesson about checking the tension dial after a toddler’s been near your sewing machine, though . . . (unpick, unpick)

Sewing Week October 5th10

I prewashed some fabric and took advantage of gorgeous weather to hang it

Sewing Week October 5th11

There was an ongoing discussion about who needed the tape measure more. Apparently it makes a wonderful dance prop

Sewing Week October 5th12 Sewing Week October 5th13

I organised my patterns finally and cleared all the fabric off the couch in the living room

Sewing Week October 5th15 Sewing Week October 5th14

And finished up with a little toddler shorts sewing. Fabric chosen by a 2 year old.

So that was my week. Completely normal, but with a real highlight in finishing the shorts and a feeling of ‘phew’ with organising the patterns.


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