The Coffee Dress

Melina_120914_0005 copy

I really wanted some new dresses to add to my spring/summer wardrobe, but dresses can be a pain since I’m still breastfeeding at least once during the day. I made the Jamie Dress earlier in the year for my sister’s wedding and found it breastfeeding friendly, so it was an easy choice to make it again.

I wanted to drop the waistband a little, so I added an extra inch to the front and back bodice. Unfortunately, that alteration combined with my slightly expanded waistline, made it uncomfortable tight and I had to alter the dress. The result is that it still has some problems – pulling in the back and a little tighter than I want – but it is wearable and I’ve got a list of things I want to do next time.

Coffee Dress blog 1

Coffee Dress blog 2

The other change to the pattern I made was to take away the pleated waistband in favour of a plain one. I just used the lining pattern piece twice rather than cutting the ‘taller’ waistband one. Next time I’m going to add some length to this to make it more comfortable around the waist – for everyday wear I don’t need it as tight as I would for an event.

I do love the fabric which I bought at East Coast Fabrics during one of their sales. I was a bit worried the colour wouldn’t look good on me, but I definitely like it now it’s made up. Coffee is one of my favourite things, so it’s nice to have a dress which celebrates that.


(Thanks to my father-in-law and husband for taking the photos)


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