The Coffee Dress: Altering

As part of the Fall/Spring Essentials Sewalong, I said I’d be making some Jamie dresses. I have a bit of stash fabric, so I started with one yesterday, but with a few alterations to the original pattern. I wanted a smooth waistband, so I just cut the lining piece out twice. I also thought the waist would look good dropped a little, so I added an inch to the bottom of the front and back bodice.

Coffee Dress alter 1  Coffee Dress making1  

Sadly, between that inch and my ever changing post-baby body (with its own tummy pouch . . . ) the dress didn’t fit as well as I’d hoped. It did up (yay!) and looked good when I stood up. But once I sat down it just cut in and was uncomfortable. It’s an easy fix the next time I make it – just adding a little extra to the sides of the waistband will be enough to fix it – but I really wanted to wear this dress and not have it on the ‘when I lose weight’ pile.

Coffee Dress making2 Coffee Dress alter 3

So I’m going to unpick the zip – I was going to sew it down again, but thankfully I hadn’t done that yet – and fold the bodice down over the shirt about 1/2 inch. (I’m sure there’s technical language for that, but I have no idea what it is!) That should lift the waist that little bit higher and make it more comfortable.

It’s a bit annoying, since I really wanted to have it to wear right now, but the little extra time to get it fitting better will be worth it.

Coffee Dress alter 4 Coffee Dress alter 5 Coffee Dress alter 6

I probably should look at the shoulder straps as well. Next time I make the dress, I want to see if there’s a different way I can attach them, but this alteration is probably enough experimentation for now!


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