Fall (Spring) Essentials Sew-Along 2014

It’s been a little while! We’ve had illness in the house and though I’ve been sewing, I haven’t really sewn anything blog worthy, or had the motivation to get photos of my son in his new clothes. The most exciting things I’ve sewn recently have been for other people – cushion covers for my sister and a little Mickey Mouse costume for my friend’s 6 month old. And I organised my sewing gear (so exciting).

So I’m hoping the Fall Essentials Sew-Along will kick me into action with both the sewing and the blogging. Of course, being in Australia, it’s a spring essentials sew-along, but it’s really come at the most perfect time, since I’m a little low on flattering clothes at the moment.

So here’s a very bare and basic plan . . .

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather (aka: (not-so) Brief Bottoms for Boiling Weather)

It’s all about shorts and skirts here. I’m desperate to have a really good fitting pair of shorts. And of course if I sort that out, I can make more in different colours! I’m starting off with Sewaholic’s Thurlows, which have a better chance of fitting my pear shape. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to lengthen them to my preferred length and do multiple alterations to get a good fit, but I’m starting to get a little excited about them. If I can get a decent fit, I have 3 lots of fabric I want to use for shorts.

For a skirt, I’d like to play with A-lines and a basic pleated skirt. Both are in the 2nd GBSB book which I might try out. I’d like a nice printed skirt or two, but some plain ones might be useful as well.



Chic Chemises for Cool Climates (aka Tranquil T-shirts for Toasty Time)

It’ll be mostly t-shirt style tops here. I’d like to try lengthening the Scout a bit – I like mine, but it does feel cut short a bit. I have patterns for the Balcarra, Renfrew and my new favourite Bronte which I’ll probably make. I do have more shirts than other clothes, though, so these will probably come up when I’m looking for easy makes.



Fabulous Frocks

I want to get back into wearing dresses more. I love the way they make me feel. I’d love to make a Cambie again, but being sensible, I really need breast feeding friendly dresses still. Which means the Jamie dress, which I’ve made twice, will probably serve as a shell for some different ideas. I might stretch out into a shirt dress, but I’m not sure if that’s the most flattering on me. I’ll poke through my patterns for other ideas as well, but it’s nice knowing that I have an option with the Jamie.



Baby It’s Cold Outside  (aka – my goodness we’re sweltering again)

I wouldn’t mind tackling a hat or two – my old ‘teacher hat’ is looking a little old. The other thing I want to play with is light ‘cardigans’ for over my dresses – I like the way they dress a ‘fancy’ dress down a little. I bought the Jenna Cardi yesterday, which I think will be perfect for what I need.




3 thoughts on “Fall (Spring) Essentials Sew-Along 2014

  1. I love your plans! That cardi at the end looks great – I’ve not heard of it before. Your spring appropriate categories made me laugh out loud! Genius!

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