Kids Clothes Week: Blank Tanks

One of the things I love about Kids Clothes Week is the kick to try new patterns or to try new techniques. This week, I’m trying to clear through some of the scrap fabric in my craft room and I’m trying to use some new patterns. These two makes fitted those goals perfectly.

Blank Slate Patterns have a lot of simple patterns which are easily customisable. Although I’ve made lots of their patterns before, I hadn’t made the Blank Tank yet. But I’m preparing for warmer weather, so it seemed like a good time to make it.

The pattern doesn’t have many pages to cut out and is easy to piece together. It doesn’t take a lot of fabric, so it’s great for using old scraps. The pattern is terribly easy to put together (and would be really quick if you needed to whip up a few at the same time . . . I’m thinking I might get some Christmas presents out of this!). It’s really just add the pocket, sew the shoulder, sew the sides then finish the arms, neck and hem. The instructions provide a simple fold over method of doing the arms and neck, but you can play with binding it in knit fabric if you want. (Or add a little Peter Pan collar for a girl – that would be adorable!)

Oh, and apologies for no child photo – it’s still too chilly to be wearing summer clothes here. Plus my nearly two year old has decided to learn about tantrums this week . . .

Blank Tank KCWJuly 1


For this stripy one, I used a night gown which I’d found at an op shop. It was obviously a home made item, and possibly never worn. The fabric was terribly fine, which will make for a lovely cool top, but it was a bit of a challenge to sew with. I added binding to the sleeves, but just folded over the neck. The hem is just overlocked and I haven’t bothered turning it up .

Blank Tank KCWJuly 2

Blank Tank KCWJuly 3

This one was made to prevent me ever wearing a deeply unflattering shirt again! When I was pregnant with Squirm, I was teaching at a brand new school. One of the things we needed to do was setting up school houses and house colours. The other two houses got purple and green as their colour . . . we got orange. Finding an orange shirt was challenge enough, but I also needed one which would work for my growing (and growing) belly. I found one which did the job, but it really wasn’t terribly flattering. Looks great as a top for Squirm though 🙂

The pocket is from a shirt I just made for myself and I just turned the neck and arms on this. I’d say I used the grey thread to match the pocket . . . but there was an element of laziness there and not wanting to track down my orange thread.

Blank Tank KCWJuly 4

So that’s Kids Clothes week started. Now, what to sew today . . .


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