Kids Clothes Week: July 2014

So, Kids Clothes Week starts tomorrow and I did have great plans of planning for it . . .

Then my local council decided to close two libraries without consultation, and I somehow found myself running a massive campaign against the closures, and all ideas of planning went out of my head! I’ve only just signed up 🙂

So, here’s my planning.

  • I want to start making clothes for spring/summer. The heat will be back before we know it
  • I want to use stash fabric and scraps. There’s some fabric pieces I have that won’t work for shorts for too much longer (my boy is growing!). And I have too many small scraps which will work for pockets and collars and trims etc.
  • I’m going to make some soft tank tops for summer sleeping. Sleeping tops are the biggest gap in Squirm’s wardrobe, and brief tops are the best in the summer
  • W-pants shorts. I love the pants and want to make the pattern up as shorts
  • Colour! Well, that’s pretty much inevitable
  • I might make something as a birthday outfit for Squirm. I do have fabric to make a Thomas the Tank Engine inspired shirt


This should be fun 🙂

kid's clothes week


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