A Few Interesting Questions

I was recently nominated for a Leibster award by Cheryl at  Orange Is a Neutral. I’ve received the award a few times on my book/parenting/education themed blog, so I usually pass on doing it again. This time, though, the questions were too good to pass 🙂

1.  Who is your favourite person to sew for?
I’d like to say me, because selfish sewing should be a lot of fun, but honestly it’s my son. He’s nearly 2 and has lost most of his baby chub, so he’s pretty much up and down (with a slight cloth nappy bulge) and easy to fit! I also love that there are challenges in sewing for him – like making interesting, stylish boys clothes that aren’t all blue or all neutrals or making clothes that work for his touch sensitivities (sewing down seams where practical or using french seams, plus making sure cuffs on arms don’t cover his hands) – but the challenges are small and easy to solve. Another thing I love is that I can indulge in my geekiness a little more with him 🙂
Seeker Outfit7

Squirm’s Gryffindor Seeker outfit. He was sooooo little!

2.  What colour makes you the most happy to sew with?
For my son, it’s reds and yellows. They look so good on him and they’re so cheerful. Plus I can always find him in the playground. For me, it’s soft pastel colours – especially all together like in my rainbow dress which I made for my sister’s wedding
Sew Dolly Clackett: Brite Butterfly Dress
3. What is your sewing goal for this year?
To sew all of Squirm’s clothes except swimmers (he needs good nappy-swimmers since he does lessons each week) and socks (his sensitivities would make this impossible). So far, so good – though we’re still working our way through old bought clothes since he hasn’t grown very fast.
For myself, it’s to challenge myself and sew new things. Before January I hadn’t sewn anything (non dance related) for myself since 1994. Now I’ve made several dresses, some great tops, a skirt and some undies 🙂
4.  Do you have any formalized sewing or fashion education?
Grade 8 Home Economics 🙂 I made a skirt and a bag. And both were lop sided 🙂

5.  If you’re not sewing, what are you most happy doing?
Walking with my toddler, reading, snarking about television, crocheting (though I’ve been doing a lot less of that recently)

I’m not going to nominate any particular blogs, but I’d honestly love to see some other bloggers answer Cheryl’s excellent questions so I challenge you to try those out 🙂 I’ve also been inspired to have some link posts to some of my favourite blog posts – there’s some wonderful stuff out there which definitely should be reaching a wider audience 🙂


One thought on “A Few Interesting Questions

  1. Yeah! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s always a great to find out more details about favourite bloggers. I’m going to have to check out your other blog 🙂

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