My Tee Times Three Spree Part 2

I started writing about the Tee Times Three shirts which I’d made for Squirm over here, and never got back to finish off! Here’s the last three I made in my shirt making binge

Use Up Fabric Shirt One

TxThree Shirts3

This was a simple exercise in using up some old fabric. The orange had been hanging around for a while and the stripes were from a shirt I made for a friend’s son. I should have been more careful with getting the stripes straight though. I really like the orange cuffs and the orange buttons on the kangaroo pocket – the really make the shirt ‘pop’ for me.

Use Up Fabric Shirt Two

tx3 behind the scenes a01

Most of my fabric scraps were much to small for a whole shirt, but too big to throw away. I sat down with my colour blocked pattern and matched my different pieces of pattern to my pieces of pattern and then pieced all my different bits together. I also stamped an elephant on the sleeve pocket, though it’s a bit hard to see. I actually need to go back and hand sew the edge of the pocket down – but this was a nice way to use all my scraps.

TxThree Shirts4tx3 behind the scenes a11

The Captain America Shirt

Squirm is an Avengers fan, thanks to the Little Golden Book version. So he obviously needed a Captain America shirt 🙂 I used some gorgeous cotton lycra from East Coast Fabrics and coloured in the shield with fabric pens from Spotlight. I did the neck like Squirm’s Harry Potter t-shirt, though I didn’t break the machine this time . . .

tx3 behind the scenes a02

Setting all the pieces out the way I wanted them. I was just going to have a plain white pocket to start with, but when I looked at some Captain America art, I knew I needed the stripes. I just used some left over red, sewed the long sides together and then hid the seams at the back when I sewed them on. Tops and bottoms where hidden when I sewed the pocket together

tx3 behind the scenes a03

A highly technical piece of equipment was used to work out the size and placement of the shield . . .

tx3 behind the scenes a04

Other plates and containers gave me the inside circles, then I used a LOT of pen to colour it in

tx3 behind the scenes a05

I made a mistake when I drew in the star, thinking that the star itself was coloured in, not the area around it. Luckily the lines don’t show up very much after a few washes

tx3 behind the scenes a06

Checking how the shield would look

tx3 behind the scenes a07

The sewn pocket being pinned in place. Still don’t think I got it straight . . . .

tx3 behind the scenes a09

I attached front, back and sleeves before attaching the shield. I sewed around each circle which was a bit time consuming, but meant it sat beautifully on the fabric

tx3 behind the scenes a10

After putting the neck in, I kind of wanted a white star button, which I couldn’t find. Squirm, on the other hand, demanded a red button which worked beautifully. That boy has good taste

TxThree Shirts6TxThree Shirts5

Captain America always takes his shield with him.

If you’re looking for a good basic kids pattern, which is quite customisable, I do recommend the Blank Slate Tee Times Three. I’ve got a lot of use out of it already, and I know there’s more years of use ahead of me


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