My Tee Times Three Spree – Part One

One of the things I’m trying to do achieve this year is making almost all of Squirm’s clothes myself. This means that I sometimes need to work quickly – especially when winter decides to finally turn up in Queensland. Working quickly means I don’t always have a lot of time to play with lots of different patterns – thankfully I have some that I really love making again and again and again.

My love of Blank Slate Patterns has been written about before – they just seem to look so good on my son. I thought I’d never find anything I loved more that the Beachy Boatneck – then I fell in love with the Tee Times Three. This is a really customisable pattern – coming with different sleeve lengths, different collar options, and an optional kangaroo pocket. The kangaroo pocket was my downfall – the minute I saw it on my son, I knew I needed lots and lots more!

So here’s the first part of my different takes on the Tee Times Three and all the fun I had making them 🙂

Where the Wild Things Are

Squirm is in love with Where the Wild Things Are at the moment, and this fabric seemed perfect for the muted tones of that book. I wanted to represent the stripes of one of the Wild Things, so I used my fabric stamp to stamp the words from the book in stripes on the shirt.

Tee Times Three Spree

Tee Times Three Spree

The fabric had two different looks, so I reversed it for the sleeves and the kangaroo pocket. The kangaroo pocket was lined with lime green, which I also used on the cuffs and the neckline.

Tee Times Three Spree

Tee Times Three Spree

Red and Orange Colour Blocked

This was a simple shirt and I hadn’t seen how good the kangaroo pocket looked yet, so I improvised a small breast pocket instead. I really enjoyed playing with the red and orange here. Squirm is not a fan of fabric around his hands, so I shortened the sleeve pattern a little.

Tee Times Three Spree Tee Times Three Spree

Potter Jersey

When one of my friends saw the orange and red shirt, they thought I’d created a Harry Potter tribute 🙂 So, of course, that was the logical next step. Seeing Squirm wearing the Wild Things shirt helped me work out what I wanted to do with this – mostly red with touches of yellow.

Tee Times Three Spree

The stripe on the pocket wasn’t quite enough on its own, so I pulled out the fabric stamp again to add some more lettering.

Tee Times Three Spree

A bit hard to see in the photos, but I added a strip of yellow to the top of the shoulders at the front and back of the shirt – this gave a really nice extra pop of colour

Tee Times Three Spree

One of the things I wanted to play with on this shirt was a high neck. Although I’ve had problems with necklines in the past, I was confident with what I wanted to do here – two strips of material sewn together (right sides facing) then turned,  then attached to the neck like ribbing, except with the ends crossing over. Then the neck is top stitched into place. Only, I should have been a little more careful not to run over any pins . . .

Tee Times Three Spree

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad (though it was getting late at night, so once it was sorted, I left the pieces out and went to bed). In the end, the neck came together just the way I imagined it

Tee Times Three Spree

And the only thing left to do was adding a button on the neck to fasten the ends together

Tee Times Three Spree


Still to come – using up scraps and the amazing Captain America shirt


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