Kids Clothes Week – April 2014: Bright Wedding Outfit

kid's clothes week

I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to participate in Kids Clothes Week this year (though there’s still a little bit of time!) because my sister’s wedding fell towards the end of it. However, the wedding meant there was one very special outfit!

The theme of my sister’s wedding was ‘bright’ and I needed to make Squirm an outfit which would work with mine, be comfortable for hours and that he would wear without throwing a tantrum. The anti-tantrum requirement meant that a shirt and long shorts would be the best bet – a decision which definitely worked in our favour when the day turned out to be quite warm!

Bright Wedding Shirt

I actually started this shirt before Kids Clothes Week, but the final touches were all added during the week. I used the Ethan Shirt pattern from Sis Boom patterns – a patterns which I’d successfully made twice before. The fabric was from with the lining from Spotlight and both of them were really lovely to work with – except that my glue stick (something Sis Boom use a lot in their patterns) showed through. I ended up not using the glue stick and really, really pressing (with the aid of lots of pins) instead.

Bright Wedding Collage 1

One thing I did much better on this make was really, really watching my measurements when I folded material. This meant that my collar stand and collar fit much, much better (phew!) especially when I used lots of pins. I used the dinosaur print as a ‘hidden’ fabric – for the inside yoke and on one side of the collar stand and under the collar. This ended up being a really nice touch which suited the wedding perfectly (my sister wore a dinosaur charm on her bracelet)

Bright Wedding Collage 2

The final step was choosing buttons. At first I had thought it was a choice between yellow or clear until a friend suggested red buttons. It turned out that she was 100% correct, and I picked up a set of red buttons from Lincraft to do the job. The buttons were the only bit that disappointed me – I had a really tough time with the buttonholes and getting them neat and tidy. Luckily my son is such a blur of movement that no one would have noticed my buttonhole woes.

Bright Wedding Pants

Once I had a lovely shirt, I needed a lovely pair of pants to go with them. I was totally flummoxed on material for these until my husband offered an old pair of his work pants. Turned out they were perfect in every way – the right colour, nice and soft after wear and washing and really easy to work with.

The original pants

The original pants

To line the pockets, I used the same dinosaur print as I’d used on the shirt. I used the Kid Shorts from Dana Made (my favourites!) – altered for my son’s cloth nappies and with about an inch and a half added to the bottom to make the shorts a bit longer and a bit dressier.

BrightWeddingCollage 3

As always, these were a dream to make. I did a plain elastic waistband which sat beautifully with this fabric. I played around with the hem quite a bit to cuff the bottom of the shorts – not sure I’ll ever be able to work out what exactly I did, but they looked great.

All in all, this was an incredibly successful outfit. Squirm was comfortable and looked great and the pieces are really wearable again. I had hoped he’d wear a very cute pair of red shoes to match the buttons, but alas – that was a tantrum we couldn’t avoid! He wore a more familiar pair of grey and black ones instead.

Bright Wedding Outfit Bright Wedding Outfit

Hopefully I’ll get one or two more KCW makes under my belt – but I’ll still be happy if these are the only completed items for this round!


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