Scout and Me

Dot and Check Scout2

Awkward, blurry selfie. I have to get better at this photo taking business

After my success with the Blank Canvas Tee, it was time to move on to the much loved Scout Tee from Grainline Studios. I’d seen the Scout again and again on different blogs and I was really interested in trying it out myself.

I’m still working out my sizing, and the first muslin I made ended up being too tight around my shoulders and hips, so I re-muslined up to the next size which worked much better. It’s still a bit tight around the hips, though, so I think I’ll play with that a little bit more.

My only real alteration was to lower the neckline to make breastfeeding easier. I used the same line I used on the Blank Canvas Tee – a line which I’d taken from one of my favourite RTW t-shirts.

The fabric was from my local awesome fabric shop, East Coast Fabrics. I had some free fabric buying time to find some goodies while Mr Pilot watched Squirm outside. I really liked the lightness of the fabric and it turned out to be perfect for the Scout. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is – I haven’t worked out the organising system at the shop and the fabric is unlabelled. I really should spend some time learning more about different fabrics!

As I made it up, I used French Seams for the very first time. It felt a bit strange to sew each item twice, but the effort was so worth it. I’m a complete French seam convert now!

Dot and Check Scout4

French seams!

The pattern was really easy to follow. I was a little concerned how I’d go making and sewing on the bias binding, but it turned out to be quite easy in the end – one of those things you fuss over for nothing. I’m thrilled with this shirt and I’m always happy to get it out of the wash.

Dot and Check Scout3

I used the same pattern to make a knit Scout, but it wasn’t as successful. I think the material was simply too light, and it hangs a bit strange at the side. Next time, I’d either use a heavier material or play with some gathers at the front. But I do have a very wearable shirt in a really nice fabric (Also from East Coast Fabrics)

Blue Sky Tee (Scout Knit)1

My knit Scout – functional, but not terribly flattering



3 thoughts on “Scout and Me

  1. I love the fabric you used for your scout, it oooks great! The French seams look & feel so good don’t they?! I have to admit I haven’t used them on anything else except my scouts but I really should!

    • I’ve become a french seam addict! I used them on a pair of shorts for my son the other day and they look so neat 🙂

      That fabric was a bit of a surprise – I loved it, then was unsure about it, then loved it again when I sewed it up 🙂

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