Kids Clothes Week: January 2014 – Round Up

kid's clothes week

I really enjoyed Kids Clothes Week this season. I didn’t go overboard with planning. Or photography. Or blogging. I focused on the sewing and new techniques and I got a lot done! Not stressing over photographing (especially since we had rain!) or blogging also let me relax into the week more.

I started off with the shirts I highlighted in my only post of the week. Although I was really unhappy with the shape of the Recess Raglan, I love the way the colours work together and I adore the tag on the sleeve. I’m looking forward to remaking this to make it more wearable. The blue Tee Times Three was a gorgeous pattern and I was really happy with that.

Blow Away Shirt08

Blown Away Shirt

Light and Airy Shirt3

Light and Airy Shirt

On Day Two we had a big day out, so I was way too exhausted to spend my evening sewing. So I played with some fabric stamping instead

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Day Three found me playing with dinosaurs!

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Everybody Roar . . . .!

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Spiny Dinosaur Tee

This is my favourite Blank Slate pattern, The Beachy Boatneck. I set ‘spines’ into the seam of the shirt and across the bottom at the front. I also added cuffs in matching blue. One of the things I love about this shirt was the cost – the purple is an op-shop shirt from a $5 bag and the blue is an old shirt of mine (same as the Light and Airy shirt) I’ve made this pattern so many times, but I never fail to enjoy it.

Squashy Dinosaur Tee model6

Squashy Dinosaur Tee

Squashy Dinosaur Tee model7

Dinosaur Stampede!

The Squashy Dinosaur Tee was inspired by That’s Not My Dinosaur, one of our favourite books. I used the Tee Times Three shirt, but I mucked up the collar 😦 I might go back and play with it in the future, but Squirm has already asked to wear it out, so I don’t think the collar bothers him.

My big learning on this one was reverse applique. Turns out, it’s actually quite easy 🙂 I’m definitely going to use it again.

Day Four I played with another t-shirt

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Rumble Out Loud Shirt

I used the Blank Slate Hipster Henley as a base, but I didn’t want to make the actual Henley part, so I redrew the front of the shirt to include a dip. I then added a neck band and created a part rounded, part v neck. I was thinking this was really original, but then I saw Xander wearing a sweater with the same neck on Season 3 Buffy!

On Day Five I was given the gift of a whole half a day free to myself! I managed to make a whole pair of pants in this time . . .

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Blown Away Pants

Kids Clothes Week: Roundup

Blown Away Pants, back

These are the Blank Slate W Pants. (Hi, my name is Melina and I’m a Blank Slate addict) They were made of a thick brown corduroy, with orange knit for the patches and pockets. Welt pockets! I made welt pockets for the first time! It was also the first time I’d made knee patches, and I’m glad I went with the leaf shape, rather than plain ones.  The cord was really thick, and I’m happy I bought a denim needle to work with it.

I took it quite easy for Days 6 and 7.

Light and Airy Shorts1

Light and Airy Shorts

These were quite simple – just KID Shorts (my go to shorts pattern), but I had never worked with denim before. These were an op shop pair of slightly stretchy pants, and the denim was actually really really easy to work with. I’m looking forward to sewing with demim again. (I still need to put elastic in these, though.

Finally on Day 7, I finished up with a simple but lovely looking shirt.

Parachute Gently Shirt1

Parachute Gently Tee

Another Beachy Boatneck 🙂 This time I colour blocked the brown and green, then sewed the blue over the join. The back of the shirt was also blue, plus I added small cuffs. I love how this looks – just playing with colour to get a really different looking shirt.

So, what skills did I learn or perfect this week?

  • Raglan shirts
  • Cuffs
  • Fabric Stamping
  • Reverse Applique
  • Welt pockets
  • Working with denim
  • Working with corduroy
  • Knee patches

Plus I finished 8 pieces of clothing!

That sounds like a thoroughly successful week to me. Now I’m really looking forward to the next one . . . what will I learn then?!


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