Kids Clothes Week: January 2014 – Day 1 Makes

kid's clothes week

So, Day One 🙂

Technically on Australian time this should be day two, but we had a public holiday here yesterday and that turned out to be very unhelpful to my sewing. So I thought I’d work on US time, which works much better 🙂

Today I made two shirts. These will both be parts of outfits, and I’ll really show them off when the pants are made, but I thought it would be nice to check them out now. Although it’s summer here now, I’m sewing ahead for Autumn and Winter – part of my plan to make all Squirm’s clothes this year. Winter in South East Queensland doesn’t get terribly cold and Squirm runs hot, so our winter gear is pretty light on – long sleeve shirts, light pants, and something warm to go over the top is all we need.

Blown Away Shirt

Blown Away Shirt: Subversive Reader Makes

I was really excited about making this shirt and I ended up being really unhappy with it. The shirt was made from the Recess Raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. I’d heard good reviews of it, but – sadly – it really didn’t work for us.

I used orange and green knit from East Coast Fabrics and followed the pattern with long sleeve and a cuff. I also added ‘tags’ to the cuffs, which had leaves embroidered in metallic thread. The instructions with the pattern were clear and easy to follow and it looked like things were coming together well.

However, when I tried it on Squirm, it was clear that this was not the pattern for us. The cuffs and lower arms were way too skinny for his arms, and he spent a lot of time pulling at them and trying to get them off. The neckline also sat uncomfortably high – Squirm is more comfortable with lower necks, and this made him look a bit neckless. The worst part was the ‘bagging’ around the armpits and mid to upper back – it was really deeply unattractive and made the whole shirt look strange.

I was really disappointed with this pattern – Squirm is a bit short, but very average size, neither overly chubby or overly thin. He doesn’t have those troublesome curves that women have, so a basic well sized pattern should work for him. This really didn’t – it made him uncomfortable and looked more like a pajama shirt than a shirt to wear out. I thought about redrafting the pattern, but I’d basically have to change every piece, so I think I’ll just look for a new pattern.

I do think this shirt can be changed to be wearable. I’m going to cut the arms shorter (up to where there’s more material) and finish them there and fold the neck over to adjust the neckline to a more comfortable place. But I’m really sad it’s not what I’d thought about and planned for so long.

Blow Away Shirt08

Blow Away Shirt11

Light and Airy Shirt

Light and Airy

This shirt worked out so much better! This was the Tee Times Three shirt from Blank Slate Patterns. I’m seriously in love with all the Blank Slate patterns I’ve made – they work so well with Squirm.

The shirt was made out of two old shirts of mine. I attached the dark blue bands to the shirt and the arms before sewing it together and used the hems on the waist and sleeve from the old shirt. It all went together easily, though I did play with the neck band since my material wasn’t overly stretchy.

The shirt is a little big at the moment, but in a ‘you’ll grow into it’ way – which makes sense since it’s a size up from his normal size. He was much happier wearing and playing in this one. I’ll definitely make this one again.

Light and Airy Shirt3


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