Christmas Present Makes

I know this is awfully late, but I made a lot of things for Christmas which I was pretty proud of, so I thought I’d share some of them! One of the things I did right for Christmas was getting started early – even if I didn’t finish them early, I knew everything was cut out ready to go.

Christmas 2013 Outfits6

An outfit for the son of a friend of mine. The shirt was made from a mens Tshirt and the shorts from a thrifted mens shirt. I returned to my old favourite patterns for this one: The Beachy Boatneck from Blank Slate Patterns and the KID Shorts from MADE

Christmas 2013 Outfits3

The same thing, but with different fabrics for the son of a different friend. I have three very close friends, 3 of us have little boys, and the other has a little boy on the way. Luckily I have some good boys sewing patterns, but it would be nice to sew a frill once in a while!

Jac's Present1

A sewing tin for my sister who got her first sewing machine for Christmas. I included a USB with some free patterns and tutorials on it for her

Christmas Gifts3

Biscuit bags! The tin from my sister’s present had biscuits in it, so I sewed up these little reversible bags to package them for other family members

Christmas Gifts4

Squirm’s Christmas day outfit. I really wanted something which was wearable outside of Christmas, so I went with a green pattern for shorts, white for the shirt and red details. This was the Beachy Boatneck and KID Shorts again – they’re just so good!

Christmas Gifts5

And his Christmas Eve pajamas. I bought the singlet at the shop, but the pants are a shortened KID shorts made out of a knit material with a little embroidery on the leg

Christmas Gifts6

Bags! I got this epic Mo material at Spotlight and made a reversible bag using this tutorial.

Christmas Gifts7

I also made one with this coffee label material which was in my stash. (I made a similar one for my mother in law too)

Christmas Gifts2

Bags galore! These were for my mother in law, mother and sisters

Christmas Gifts1

And two more of the reversible pouches – just the right size for a Bunnings gift card and a chocolate.

I was really happy to be able to make so many of these things myself – people are definitely appreciating hand made more these days!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Present Makes

  1. So many lovely gifts! I have just had a wee boy so am rely interested in these patterns you used- they’re great! I just discovered your blog & am looking forward to following along.

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