WIAUT Wednesday: April 17, 2013

What I Am Up To Wednesday

The biggest excitement of the last week has been getting my first pattern up for sale on Ravelry. You can read all about the Anna Lapel Scarf here!

Anna Lapel Scarf: Crochet of a Subversive Reader

I also have a group for my patterns over at Ravelry. It’s only just getting started, but join up and get some conversation going!

There are two other big projects on the go at the moment. The first is a sweater for my husband. It’s the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken, using the lovely Austin Sweater pattern from the Inside Crochet magazines. I’m using lovely wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills – it’s absolutely lovely to work with.

The other project is making monster related clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers. The first finished project is a Zeb Monster hat, specifically designed for my friend’s toddler. I’m working on writing the pattern up at the moment, and then I’ll be making that one available to buy!

Finally, there’s a small project for a friend in Melbourne. Like most Melbournians, she’s a little mad about footy (or AFL), in particular the Collingwood Football club. I’m not a Collingwood fan, but I’ve been so thrilled to watch this short toddler scarf and hat come together

Collingwood Toddler Hat Collingwood Toddler Scarf4


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