Pattern: Anna Lapel Scarf

Anna Lapel Scarf :   

As you might have guessed, one of my favourite shows is Downton Abbey. While looking through blogs on the fashions of Downton, I found this picture:


Anna is wearing a lovely coat, particularly the detail in the lapel and with the buttons. Inspiration struck . . .

Anna Lapel Scarf: Crochet of a Subversive Reader

This pattern, which is available on Ravelry, creates a textured scarf, with detail along one side and on each end. Crocheted ‘buttons’ add a little flair at the end.

The pattern is quite adaptable – different yarns give a very different look, and it is quite easy to lengthen the scarf to your required length. The pattern works out easily and makes a great scarf to crochet while sitting in front of the television, or while keeping a close eye on an active 8 month old!

The pattern costs $4 Australian and is an immediate download through Ravelry!

Anna Lapel Scarf2 Anna Lapel Scarf detail


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